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Our mission is to create the greatest performance freeze dried food in the world. Each meal is the culmination of hundreds of hours of brainstorming, cooking, field testing, and fine tuning to create the ultimate high performance, gourmet backcountry cuisine.  Our specialized recipes, advanced freeze drying technology, and innovative packaging are all designed for one purpose;  To give you the absolute best experience, physically and mentally in any outdoor pursuit. Don’t just eat to survive with other meals, dine and thrive with Alpine Ranch. 

Bison stroganoff


At Alpine Ranch, we separate ourselves from the competition by providing the maximum amount of protein and calories per ounce while using only clean and organic ingredients.  For true ultralight fanatics we’ve launched innovative “stoveless” cold entrees that can be eaten hot or cold but still provide the amazing taste and high calories you expect from Alpine Ranch while leaving the stove and cooking pot at home. Our custom packaging is shorter with a wider opening making it a more convenient pouch to eat from with shorter utensils.  Looking beyond the functional aspects, our mouthwatering recipes will make any mountaintop feel like a 5-Star restaurant.  You’ll be amazed you can eat so well, so far from civilization.

Our Beginning

The vision that has become Alpine Ranch began in 2019 when co-founders Logan Toews and John Barbara were preparing for a backpack hunt deep in Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness.  Both grew-up hunting, fishing, and camping in the backcountry and meal planning had always been one of the toughest aspects of extended trips. Trying to get high protein and calories while keeping weight down was always a problem. 

Knowing how strenuous the 10 day hunt in The Frank would be, they were determined to find ultralight freeze dried meals that were high in calories and clean protein, and made with quality ingredients.  After an exhaustive search, they realized such meals didn’t exist. They had to compromise with meals lacking in taste, calories, and quality ingredients. Meals that caused more than a couple gastrointestinal issues and definitely impacted morale when it came time to choke the next one down.  After that trip they were determined to never compromise again.  They set out to create the best freeze-dried meals in the world.  Meals without compromise.

The Alpine Ranch headquarters is located in Emmett, Idaho along the banks of the Payette River.  Here we designed and custom built our gourmet kitchen where our chefs cook small-batch, restaurant quality food which is immediately flash-chilled and freeze dried to preserve the maximum flavor and nutrients possible.  We then package the complete meals in-house to ensure the utmost quality and consistency. Being a small operation, we have hands-on control over every aspect of the process, from choosing the best organic produce and grass fed bison and heritage pork, to packaging and shipping the final product directly to our customers. 

When you choose Alpine Ranch, you are choosing the highest quality freeze-dried meals in the world.  Don’t settle for less on your next adventure!

Our Beginnings